‘Eua is an ideal destination for those wanting adventure, to be in touch with nature, to experience the daily life of a different culture and to relax.

‘Eua is perfect for hiking, climbing, caving, bush walking, bird watching, mountain biking, horse riding, whale watching, snorkeling and scuba diving.


Whale Watching


Magnificent humpback whales swim close to ‘Eua Island on route to and from breeding grounds around the Kingdom of Tonga from July to November. Relax on a cliff top or on the beach and watch the powerful aerial displays of one of the largest marine mammals in the world. To get closer, arrange for a whale watching* boat trip. Taina's Place has a whale watching operating licence.

A humpback whale breaching a aerial display in 'Eua, Tonga

3 TOP$200 per person
4 TOP$200 per person 
5 TOP$200 per person 
6 TOP$200 per person 






*Note: With Taina's Place whalewatching tour, there is no swimming with whales. Swimming with whales is allowed in Vava'u because the sea is calmer and more sheltered in the harbour. However, around 'Eua, the conditions are too dangerous for swimming. Hence, Taina's only conducts "watching" tours.


Scuba Diving

Dive in the largest underwater cave in the South Pacific.

Diving with Deep Blue Diving in the Cathedral cave in 'Eua,

Yes, ‘Eua’s ‘Cathedral’ lives up to its name, with natural light illuminating a 20 – 30 metre deep underwater amphitheatre teeming with dynamic coral of all the colours of stained glass windows. See lobsters clustered on cave walls and the big fish and sharks that live near the second deepest Trench in the world.

Diving with Deep Blue Diving

Sam Tatafu, owner and operator of Deep Blue Diving, served in the Tongan Navy for 15 years and retired as Lieutenant Commander. Sam and his  instructors are PADI qualified and teach PADI diving courses. All safety equipment is current and operational.

Ask Jasmin or Fe'ao for more details and to arrange your scuba diving trip.

Cultural Tour


Ask Jasmin or Fe'ao to take you on a local tour to experience aspects of the more traditional ‘Euan way of life. The tour includes the making of tapa cloth, kava and handicrafts.

Travellers learn to weave pandanus mats

Tapa making in 'Eua, Tonga

Also let Jasmin or Fe'ao know if you'd like to visit and participate in a local evening kava party. Cost: Please ask Jasmin or Fe'ao.

Bicycle Hire


Cycling is a great way of getting to a number of ‘Eua’s spectacular attractions and the local beaches. Hire bikes at the local Arts and Crafts store.

Half day TOP$10
Full day TOP$20




Arrange boat fishing and/or reef fishing trips at Taina's Place.

Taina's Husband Tei - master seaman and fisherman in 'Eua, Tonga

Cost: To be advised.

Horse Riding


Taina can arrange horse hire for a half or full day.

Horse Riding in 'Eua, Tonga

Half day TOP$15
Full day TOP$30


Island Style Weekend Disco


The Maxi Disco on ‘Eua, which Taina started, took its name from her pet cat in Germany! Taina’s extended family run the island’s disco on a Friday and Saturday night. You are more than welcome to attend. Just let Jasmin and Fe'ao know that you want to go!

Dancing at the ice cream disco

Eating Icecream at the Disco

Gentlemen  TOP$4
Ladies TOP$3


Sunday Church Choirs


Hear the heavenly church choirs on Sunday.

 Church on 'Eua Island in the Kingdom of Tonga

Sunday in Tonga is devoted to going to church and relaxation.  The harmonized singing, clanging of church bells and the beat of the “lali” (wooden drums) are all familiar sounds of a Tongan Sunday. On a Sunday, the streets are empty, all businesses (except those for visitors) are closed, sports are prohibited and even planes don’t fly. Even contracts signed on a Sunday are void. It is inadvisable to create any disturbance, operate noisy equipment, or be loud on Sundays.


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‘Eua is famous for its great hiking. Borrow Taina’s excellent laminated map(with detailed information) for FREE. (See an interactive version of the map here). Explore 'Eua independently. Or hire a local guide and get to know 'Eua through the eyes of a local, who can take you to our various sites while explaining their history and cultural significance.

Taina's FREE map of 'Eua

There is great walking at ‘Eua’s southern tip where you can see the rock garden, the natural land archway, dramatic coastal cliffs, wild horses, and a variety of sea and forest birds that are native to ‘Eua.

Wild horses on 'Eua island

Natural Land Bridge, 'Eua, Tonga

The central region and the east coast (‘Eua’s National Park) also has many attractions for hikers. You can walk through plantation and virgin rainforest, enjoy spectacular coastal views, discover huge Banyan trees, explore eerie caves. A guide is essential for hiking in this part of ‘Eua (hiring a guide for the long forest walk costs T$80 total and this cost can be split between the participants).

Bushwalking in 'Eua, Tonga

Smoking cave in 'Eua, Tonga

Mighty banyan tree in 'Eua, Tonga
Lokupo seaside cliffs in 'Eua, Tonga
Beaches not far from Taina’s make for good half day trips. You can snorkel, enjoy the vast stretches of white sand, discover a small ancient Tongan stone quarry and see the fascinating variety of coral fossils etched in the reef rock.

Ha'aluma Beach in 'Eua, Tonga

Ancient Tongan seaside quarry in 'Eua, Tonga
Reef fossilat Fangalahi Beach in 'Eua, Tonga

Fangatave Beach lies in the far north-east of ‘Eua. It is a remote beach enclosed by high limestone cliffs. There are dozens of fantastic accessible caves in the cliffs. You can climb down to the beach, explore the caves and take a dip. It is an absolutely awesome place to visit. Day trips to Fangatave can be arranged from Taina’s Place. Some basic climbing ability is required.


Fangatave Coast

Exploring a cave in 'Eua, Tonga

Exploring a dave in 'Eua, Tonga

4WD Island Tour


Arrange a four wheel drive with Taina’s Place.

Taina's Car

2 TOP$85 per person
3 TOP$80 per person 
4 TOP$75 per person
5 TOP$70 per person 


Explore Ohonua


Check out Ohonua, the main town of 'Eua.

Ohonua in 'Eua, Tonga

Ohonua in 'Eua, Tonga

Visit at the marketi and falekoloa (local corner store).

Marketi on 'Eua Island in the Kingdom of Tonga

Falekoloa on 'Eua Island in the Kingdom of Tonga



Taina’s Place sells a variety of handicrafts.

Beautiful Mat from 'Eua Island in the Kingdom of Tonga

Handicrafts from 'Eua Island in the Kingdom of Tonga

These handicrafts are amongst the best quality and value handicrafts in Tonga. All payment goes directly to the crafts people.

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